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EPIC changes in 2014

EPIC changed its delivery model in 2014

Based on feedback from member libraries, in 2014 EPIC transitioned into a more flexible and transparent delivery model. This page provides: 

The New Model

EPIC members are no longer  limited to selecting just one package option each subscription year. There is also a wider range of individual subscription options to choose from. The administration component for EPIC is more transparent, as all member libraries are charged a standard 5% administration fee in addition to subscription costs to contribute to the administration of the consortium.

Background to the changes

Since EPIC was established in 2003 EPIC  offered member libraries a choice from a range of package options containing a mix of resources from multiple database vendors. EPIC negotiated national licence prices with each of the contributing vendors. The fee libraries were charged for the packages were based on the national prices proportionately divided across the subscribing member libraries using the EPIC cost allocation model. In addition, an administration component was added to the final price of the package in order to fund the administration of the consortium.
This model provided members with significant savings on what the cost would be to subscribe to the resources that were available in the packages individually; however, it did not provide flexibility of choice. It was also difficult to add additional resources to this model as wide, multi-sector appeal is required in order for a National licence to be sustainable in a member funded consortium model.
In order to provide discounted consortium options for resources that don’t have the multi-sector appeal required for a National Licence but are popular with groups within the membership, EPIC added EPIC Opt-in subscription options in 2010. Member libraries were able to subscribe to these options in addition to the EPIC packages. Libraries that chose to only subscribe to the Opt-in options without subscribing to a Package were charged an additional 5% administration fee to contribute to the funding of the EPIC administration. The pricing for these options were based on consortium discounts on the vendor pricing models.
In 2012 EPIC conducted the EPIC e-resource priority survey. Key themes identified from the survey were a desire from members for: more flexibility in the EPIC subscription model, increase targeted content for specific sectors and access to a wider range of content. This was also supported in the 2013 EPIC re-subscription round where there was a strong uptake of the EPIC Opt-in subscription options in preference to the nationally licensed Package options.
Government procurement rules required EPIC to undertake a full tender process for 2014. It was decided by EPIC that this would be the perfect opportunity to not only approach the market for proposals of additional resources to offer through EPIC but to transition to a delivery model which will provide on-going greater flexibility for member libraries.
The tender process  resulted in the establishment of a panel of suppliers for EPIC and the release of product information & trials to EPIC member libraries for 2014. The final resources that were offered through EPIC in 2014 were a result of preferred subscription feedback provided by the libraries to product information & trials from these suppliers. 
Go to: EPIC subscription guide for information about the current EPIC subscription processes and options.