Haere Mai, Welcome to EPIC.
A purchasing consortium which enables access to quality databases in NZ libraries


Information about joining EPIC including: who is able to join EPIC, information for schools, membership benefits and charges.

Who can join EPIC?

EPIC is open to New Zealand-based organisations that provide a library or information service. The following is a list of current EPIC member libraries:

EPIC membership for schools

The Ministry of Education has paid for all New Zealand registered schools to access a range of EPIC resources until 31 March 2019.

Information about EPIC for NZ Schools

Home-schools are not eligible to join but can freely access EPIC resources at their local public library. Most New Zealand public libraries are EPIC members.

Membership benefits

EPIC enables members to provide their customers full-text access to thousands of quality journals, magazines, reference books and other media that is not freely available elsewhere. This access expands libraries’ resources well beyond what could be physically held or affordably purchased. These resources allow the development of new services and raise the profile of the library within its institution and/or community.

EPIC membership charges

Aside from the Ministry of Education funding for schools, EPIC is self-funded by its member libraries.

A 5%  fee is charged in addition to the product subscription fees in order to fund the administration of the consortium.

You can join EPIC at any time. Costs are prorated according to the subscription year.

When your subscription expires, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for another year.

The EPIC subscription guide provides instructions on setting up a subscription through EPIC, as well as providing links to EPIC subscription options.

To access subscription pricing options links you will require a Members Only login. If you are an employee responsible for e-resource purchasing for a New Zealand library you can request a login by emailing epic@epic.org.nz

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