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EPIC subscription guide

This page contains links to the subscription options that are available through EPIC, a guide to EPIC subscriptions, an outline of the Annual EPIC subscription confirmation process and information on how to set up a pro-rated subscription during the EPIC subscription year.

EPIC subscription options  

The following links provide information about the subscription options available to each library sector. Secure links to subscription pricing options are also available through these pages:

EPIC subscription guide

  • The EPIC subscription year runs from 1 April - 31 March, however, libraries can take up any of the subscription options available through EPIC at any time during the year. The subscription charge will be pro-rated through to the end of the subscription year, based on the full year price listed in the pricing information links on the individual vendor subscription pricing option pages.
  • All member libraries are charged a standard 5% administration fee in addition to subscription costs to contribute to the administration of the consortium. 
  • EPIC member libraries are required to sign a Sub-Licence Agreement with the Department of Internal Affairs for the supply of the electronic database resources provided in their EPIC subscription. A template of the member Sub-Licence Agreement, along with the terms and conditions of each supplier can be accessed using a Members Only login at http://epic.org.nz/sub-licence-terms
  • There are a number of options where the pricing is in foreign currency (i.e. US$, AU$) - this has been indicated in the Pricing information. Please be aware that if you choose these options, you will be invoiced by EPIC in NZ$ based on the exchange rate at the time of billing.

Pricing information criteria:

Pricing criteria differ for each subscription offer. The schedules are documented in each offer in the pricing information links. The most common criteria are as follows:
  • EPIC cost allocation model  - a pricing model developed by EPIC in 2003.
  • Population served (public libraries) - pricing based on the population served by your local authority. This information is sourced through the latest Statistics NZ census data. 
  • EFTS (tertiary libraries) - pricing based on equivalent fulltime student (EFTS) numbers based on the annual Tertiary Education Commission Tertiary Education Performance Reports.
  • Employee / Staff nos. (Special Libraries) - pricing based on employee/staff members of the organisation.
  • Concurrent/simultaneous user - pricing based on the number of concurrent users that access is provided to.

Email epic@epic.org.nz to seek clarification about where your organisation fits in any of the pricing models.

Annual EPIC subscription confirmation process

Prior to the beginning of each subscription year, EPIC provides current members with an EPIC subscription confirmation form to complete for the new subscription year (1 April - 31 March). The subscription confirmation form lists all the subscription options available to their library sector for the new subscription period and indicates how to access further information about each option.

Confirmation process

Members are required to indicate on the subscription confirmation form their confirmed subscription options for the new subscription year, sign the form and return it to EPIC at least one month before the beginning of the new subscription period.

This is to ensure:

  • resource vendors get enough notice to implement all subscription changes and updates in time for the new subscription year, and
  • binding commitments are in place from each member library to their subscription options as a guarantee to EPIC that full cost recovery of the subscription costs to vendors can be recouped from the membership.

If a member organisation does not complete and return the annual subscription confirmation, all their existing subscriptions through EPIC will be cancelled for the new subscription period.

Organisations that renew subscriptions to resources will continue to have seamless access into the new subscription year.

Organisations that add new subscription options will be contacted directly by the applicable vendor/s about setting up access to their new subscription/s. (It is likely that they will require a list of IP ranges to authenticate  in-house access and details of the orgainisation's remote access authentication option/s). See: Setting up access.

Organisation that cancel subscription options that they subscribed to in the previous year will be required to remove access links etc by the beginning of the new subscription year.


(Unless prior arrangements have been made with the EPIC Manager) an invoice for the full subscription amount, including the standard 5% EPIC administration fee (in NZ$ plus GST) see: EPIC subscription guide will be issued by The Department of Internal Affairs on behalf of EPIC in May of the new subscription year.

Sub-licence agreements

New member organisations will be required to sign the EPIC sub-licence agreement for the new subscription period. Existing subscribers will be required to sign a notice of renewal to the sub-licence which will include a revised schedule of products for the new subscription period. These are sent out to members for signing around the same time as invoicing.

See: EPIC Member Sub-Licence Agreement & terms of use for more information.

Setting up a pro-rated subscription

EPIC members can set up new subscriptions to any of the EPIC subscription options available to their library sector at any time during the subscription year.

The subscription will be pro-rated through to the end of the subscription year (31 March) with pricing based on the pro-rated amount of the full EPIC subscription year.

To set up a pro-rated subscription, email epic@epic.org.nz with your subscription query. You will then receive a quote for the pro-rated period for the subscription (the quote will also include the 5% administration fee).

If you want to proceed, send back an email to confirm your subscription. The vendor of your chosen subscription will then contact you directly to set up your access, and the Department of Internal Affairs will invoice your organisation for the pro-rated subscription.

New member organisations will be required to sign the EPIC sub-licence agreement for the pro-rated subscription period. Existing members will receive a Notice of Product Amendment for signing in order to update their sub-licence agreement.