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Spaces still available in some of the upcoming EBSCO training sessions

4 April 2018 

The folk from EBSCO have asked me to let you know that there are a few places still available in some of their upcoming EBSCO training sessions next week.

Spaces are still available for the following sessions:

New EPIC subscription year starts during the Easter break

27 March 2018

Thanks to it falling smack in the middle of the Easter break, this is an earlier than usual reminder of the upcoming new 2018-2019 EPIC subscription year (which will begin on Easter Sunday 1 April 2018) and what you might need to do next...

Final week to return EPIC subscription confirmations for 2018-2019 / What happens next?

26 February 2018

This is a final reminder that the deadline to return EPIC subscription confirmations for the 2018-2019 EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April 2018) is 5pm this Friday – 2 March 2018. (Please refer to the Annual EPIC subscription process section of the EPIC subscription guide for a full outline of the process).

Additional PressReader webex demonstration sessions

21 February 2018

Due to popular demand, Matthew Hedrick (the Market Developer for Australasia for PressReader) is organising additional demonstration sessions of PressReader via webex for EPIC member libraries.

Reminder: upcoming deadline for EPIC subscription confirmations 2018-2019

19 February 2018

First of all a big thank you to all the libraries that have sent through EPIC subscription confirmations for 2018-2019.

Free Oxford Training Roadshow / Withdraw of ASP BBC Video Collection offer

8 February 2018

I have some good and some bad news to pass on from EPIC vendors...I will start with the good news:

Free Oxford University Press Training Roadshow

Oxford University Press have organised a free training roadshow for all EPIC member organisations and their staff later in the month. 

The sessions will run from 10am-1pm in the following cities and dates:

  • Auckland - Feb 19
  • Wellington - Feb 20
  • Christchurch - Feb 21

and will include the following products:

PressReader webex demonstration session

1 February 2018

Matthew Hedrick, who is the Market Developer for Australasia for PressReader is organising some live demonstration sessions of PressReader via webex for EPIC member libraries.

This is an opportunity for current subscribers to refresh themselves on all of the features that your PressReader subscription provides you with as well as learn about new features that you may not be aware of.

Seeking EPIC member subscription confirmations for 2018-2019

23 January 2018

Now that all of the EPIC subscription options for 2018-2019 have been loaded for viewing by members via the EPIC website, I would like to officially seek EPIC member subscription confirmations for the 2018-2019 EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April 2018).

The EPIC subscription confirmation forms are available for download from the EPIC website or via the following links:

Credo Reference subscription options & live demo opportunities

18 January 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

This is to let you know about the most recently added EPIC subscription options for 2018-2019.

Credo Reference have added options for both EPIC tertiary and public library members:

Digitales - Beanstack Demo for EPIC member public libraries

18 December 2017

Digitales would like to invite EPIC member public libraries to an online demonstration of one of their EPIC subscription options for 2018 - Beanstack.

Beanstack is a purpose built Reader Advisory service resource for libraries and their users.

More information about Beanstack can be accessed from the Beanstack website or from these YouTube videos:

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