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Updated EBSCOadmin Standard Reports - webinar training sessions

8 August 2017

This is a note to alert EPIC member libraries that subscribe to EBSCO resources about the upcoming updates to EBSCOadmin Standard Reports and to also let you know about some webinar training opportunities to learn more about using the EBSCOadmin reporting and statistics functionality.

This is a link to FAQs about the update which also includes a short overview video.

Special "end of financial year" Digitales MUZZY subscription offer

12 June 2017

Digitales have a special "end of financial year" offer for EPIC member libraries (valid through to the end of June 2017).

It is a special, standard price (regardless of size) of NZ$450.00 to subscribe to MUZZY BBC (including unlimited remote access) through to the end of the EPIC subscription year (31 March 2018).

Including the 5% EPIC administration fee, this would total NZ$472.50 (plus GST).

Invoicing & sub-licence follow up / IGI Global perpetual purchase offer

29 May 2017

In follow up to the EPIC Update that I sent out on 17 May, I can confirm that all EPIC invoices and all EPIC sub-licence agreements for signing have been sent out.

The EPIC invoices were all sent out between Friday 19 May and Wednesday 24 May. If you are yet to receive your invoice and would like to follow up directly with our accounts receivable folk, the direct email to contact them is dia.ar@ird.govt.nz

EPIC invoicing and sub-licence update

17 May 2017

This is an additional update to the EPIC update that I sent through on 10 May about EPIC invoicing and the EPIC sub-licence agreements.

EPIC invoicing and sub-licence

10 May 2017

This is to let you know that the NZD pricing for the 2017-2018 EPIC member subscriptions have now been confirmed.

Based on the payments made by EPIC to overseas suppliers on your behalf, the foreign currency amounts that were quoted for your 2017-2018 EPIC subscriptions will be on-charged to you in NZD against the following exchange rates:

USD - 0.69

AUD - 0.91

EUR - 0.65

GBP - 0.55

EPIC Libraries: EBSCO webinar series

27 April 2017

For the month of May, Kylie Peckham (the trainer at EBSCO) will be running a series of EBSCO training webinars specifically for EPIC member libraries.

These sessions are open to all staff from EPIC member libraries, so please feel free to forward on the information to any colleagues that might be interested in attending. 

All webinars will also be recorded and distributed to all who have registered for each particular session.

Scheduled downtime today for BWB Collections

26 April 2017

This email is specifically for member libraries that subscribe to any of the BWB e-book collections and is in follow up to an email that BWB sent directly to subscribers last week.

There will be a scheduled downtime for all BWB Collections today, Wednesday 26 April between 4-6pm. All of the collections will be unavailable during this time.

Invitation to attend Bibliotheca cloudLibrary eBook and eAudio platform demonstrations

7 April 2017

Bibliotheca is organising a roadshow in May to demonstrate the resource that they are offering through EPIC in 2017, the cloudLibrary eBook and eAudiobook platform.

They will be hosting sessions on the following dates and locations:

New EPIC subscription year starts tomorrow

31 March 2017

This is a reminder that tomorrow is the beginning of the new 2017 EPIC subscription year.

This year EPIC members have taken up a combined total of 668 e-resource subscriptions from 107 of the EPIC subscription option choices from 23 different vendors! (This is a big difference from my first ever EPIC subscription renewal round in 2010 where there were 12 subscription options from 5 vendors).

EPIC subscriptions 2017-2018 - what happens next?

6 March 2017

First of all - a big, big thank you to all the libraries that have sent through their EPIC subscription confirmations for 2017-2018!

A reminder also to those libraries that haven’t returned their confirmations that last Friday 3 March 2017 was officially the deadline to do so (use this link to access instructions and the downloadable subscription confirmation forms).

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