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Training & Marketing Resources for Schools

Training & Marketing Resources especially for schools.

General EPIC information


EPIC Business Cards

Download and print off the EPIC business card template to create EPIC business cards to hand out to your students.

QR Codes

Copy and paste QR codes to specific EPIC content to add to promotional material.

Vendor Training & Marketing Resources

The EPIC vendors have a wealth of training & marketing resources freely available from their websites. Use the database title links and additional marketing & training resource links below to access vendor supplied information about the databases available in the current Ministry of Education funded EPIC subscription on behalf of all New Zealand schools. Vendors can also be contacted directly for further resources, assistance and guidance; contact details are also provided below.

Gale Cengage

Gale Cengage databases
Additional Gale Cengage training & marketing resources
  • General support page links to a whole range of support and training material. (The location ID required to get customised support for the EPIC NZ Schools subscription from the links on this page is per_k12)
  • Tip sheet links to PDF tip sheets for all Gale Cengage resources.
Gale Cengage contact 


EBSCO databases
Additional EBSCO training & marketing resources
EBSCO contact 

Encyclopædia Britannica

Encyclopædia Britannica databases
Additional Encyclopædia Britannica training & marketing resources
Encyclopædia Britannica contact

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press databases
Additional Oxford University Press training & marketing resources
  • Librarian Resources Centre - links to free promotional material, quizzes, short introductions, recorded demos, training ideas and much more.
Oxford University Press contact

Kowhai Media

New Zealand Geographic
Additional New Zealand Geographic training & marketing resources

Kowhai Media contact

Bridget Williams Books

Treaty of Waitangi Collection