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Upcoming EPIC RFP / National Library: Positioning for the future

20 July 2016

Now that we have settled down into the new EPIC subscription year, I thought it would be a good time to update you on what I am going to be doing to keep myself busy in the next few months and to seek your help with it. While I am in the business of asking for help, I thought that this is also a good opportunity to give you a bit of a heads up about how you can provide feedback to help shape the National Library of New Zealand’s strategic direction through to 2030.

Upcoming EPIC RFP

My major priority for the rest of the year is to undertake a full procurement process for a new panel of contracted suppliers for EPIC for the next subscription year.

As EPIC is managed through the National Library of New Zealand (Department of Internal Affairs), the EPIC service is subject to the New Zealand Government Rules of Sourcing which require a full, open procurement process for all goods and services that meet or exceed the value threshold of $100,000 (excluding GST).

As some of you may remember, EPIC went through a full RFP process for a panel of suppliers in 2013. The panel contracts that were established through this process were initially for 1 year (beginning 1 April 2014) with two additional rights of renewal which means that the final renewal period expires on 31 March 2017. Hence, we are going back out to market again to appoint a new panel. This time round it will be for an initial term of 1 year (beginning 1 April 2017) with four additional rights of renewal.

By having a panel of contracted suppliers in place, EPIC is able to meet the requirements of the Government Rules of Sourcing while retaining the flexibility to easily add new subscription options for member libraries from suppliers on the panel (if and when they come up). The downside is that EPIC can only offer member libraries subscription options from suppliers who are on the panel.

Suppliers can be added during the term of the contract period to the panel if they are able to demonstrate that they meet the initial tender requirements, however, this can be a time consuming process as they have to go through the same assessment process as the existing suppliers and we also have to wait at least 3 months following the establishment of the panel before we are able to add additional members to it through an occasional notice process.

For this reason, I am very keen to encourage as many interested suppliers as possible to respond to the tender which will be released through GETS (Government Electronic Tenders Service) in early August. If you have current e-resource suppliers that you think may be interested in providing consortium options through EPIC, I would very much appreciate that you let them know about the upcoming EPIC tender opportunity and encourage them to register with GETS to receive the tender information. If they would like more information about EPIC prior to the release of the tender, please do encourage them to contact me at paula.banks@dia.govt.nz or (04) 474 3058

National Library of New Zealand: Positioning for the future

Last Thursday, the National Library commenced its consultation to seek feedback on its ‘Positioning for the future’ document outlining draft strategic directions through to 2030.

The National Library of New Zealand: Positioning for the future consultation document (as well as the means to provide feedback) can be accessed by going to: http://www.govt.nz/national-library-future.

The Library's proposed future direction focusses on three key areas:

  • celebrating words as a valued part of our diverse heritage,
  • creating a nation of readers, and
  • ensuring New Zealanders everywhere have easy access to knowledge.

The National Library is keen for responses from as many stakeholders from across the library sector as possible. Of particular interest is your feedback on:

  • The strategic direction outlined.
  • Insights on your areas of common strategic interest and expertise.
  • Your ideas on opportunities to work together to turn knowledge into value.

The consultation period runs until 31 August 2016. A final strategy and action plan for implementation will be available from 2017. 

Paula Banks

EPIC Manager

(04) 474 3058

(Please do not respond directly to this email)