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Important PressReader update

9 November 2016

This email is specifically for EPIC member PressReader subscribers.

I have had a number of libraries contact me recently with access issues to both PressReader and the PressReader administration portal. 

I have just received confirmation from PressReader about how to resolve both of these issues.

If you are having issues accessing PressReader itself, please check that you have upgraded your access URLs from the old Library PressDisplay URL (http://library.pressdisplay.com) to the new PressReader URL - http://www.pressreader.com

PressReader have also changed their admin portal. It can now be accessed at http://hub.pressreader.com plus, they have also changed the logins.

Most NZ libraries' old PressReader admin usernames looked something like this: libraryname@library.pressdisplay.com 

Retain libraryname@ and replace library.pressdisplay.com with pressreader.com - e.g. libraryname@pressreader.com

and use the following password: pressreader

Once you are logged in, go up to the logged in name in the top right-hand corner - use the dropdown arrow and select the change password option.

If you continue to have problems with either, please log a helpdesk email request via ProQuest support at tsupport@proquest.com

Paula Banks

EPIC Manager

ph (04) 474 3058