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RMIT Publishing webinar opportunity - Discover the Informit platform

9 February 2017

This is a quick note to let you know about the upcoming webinar opportunities organised by RMIT Publishing

Discover the Informit platform - a quick demonstration of the Informit resources that are available through EPIC in 2017-2018.

This is an opportunity to learn about the value and relevance of Informit resources to the New Zealand community.

The webinar sessions are only half an hour and will cover the following:

  1. 1. Who is Informit?
  2. 2. Relevancy of Informit content across NZ
  3. 3. Informit Demo
  4. 4. Informit Collections.


Use the links below to register for your preferred session:


Paula Banks

EPIC Manager

ph (04) 474 3058

(please do not reply directly to this email)