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EPIC direct links for NZ schools

This page provides New Zealand schools with instructions for setting up direct links to the EPIC e-resources available through the Ministry of Education funded EPIC subscription. Direct links can be set up either through your school's Library Management System (LMS), embedded in topic/curriculum pages on your intranet or internet pages, through content curation tools or bookmarked for lesson plans.

Setting up direct links to specific databases

The authentication method that is used to provide access to the EPIC resources is called EZproxy.

Read EZproxy Authentication & EPIC to find out more about the benefits of this type of authentication.

A list of the EZproxy URLs that are required to set up direct links to the all databases currently available through EPIC (plus links to search buttons) can be accessed from this spreadsheet. Separate tabs are also included with URLs for direct links to all the e-books included in the Gale Virtual Reference Library EPIC collection, all the New Zealand newspapers available in the Australia New Zealand Reference Centre and titles included in Bridget Williams Books' Treaty of Waitangi Collection.

All you need to do is copy and paste the applicable URL to wherever it is that you want to provide the direct link.

These EZproxy URLs will enable all staff and students from your school to access the EPIC resources using the School EPIC logins from any web enabled device.

If your school is networked through the N4L Managed Network you will be able to use the EZproxy URLs to directly access the EPIC resources (without having to use your School EPIC logins) from within the school network.

Search Widgets

Some of the EPIC vendors also provide instructions to set up search widgets. These are search boxes that can be embedded on any web page for users to conduct a search. Go to the EPIC search widget examples for schools page or the EPIC test site to see working examples of these plus links to instructions on how to set up your own.

Access EPIC catalogue records

  • SCIS subscribers can access EPIC e-resource catalogue records via SCIS, by logging into SCISWeb and going to the Special Orders page. Under Special Collections there is a link to the National Library of New Zealand EPIC resources.
  • Bridget Williams Books provide MARC records for download for the individual titles available in the Treaty of Waitangi Collection. To access these, go to: http://bwb.co.nz/collections/marc-records

The applicable EZproxy URLs can then be added to the 856 field of these records to ensure direct access to these resources from your library catalogue.

  • Gale Cengage provide MARC records for download both for the individual Gale Cengage e-resources in the EPIC collection and the ebook titles available in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. These can be accessed from http://support.gale.com/marc using the location ID: per_k12. There is no need to add EZproxy URLs to these MARC records as they have already been pre-embedded into the records by Gale Cengage.

Direct linking to content within databases

It is also very easy to create direct links to content within EPIC databases.

All you need to do is conduct the search that you want to bookmark or direct link to, then go to the tools menu and use the direct linking tool that is provided to generate a URL. This URL can then be copied and pasted to provide a direct link to your search.

Direct linking tools

The EPIC vendors have different names for their direct linking tools but they all do the same thing - generate a URL to cut & paste. The different names are as follows: 

  • EBSCO = Permalink
  • Gale Cengage = Bookmark
  • Britannica = Cite
  • Oxford University Press = Cite


The above tools should all be used in preference to copying and pasting the URL from the browser as in most cases the URL will contain information that is specific to the session and are likely to not work in the future.

The only exception to this is with the New Zealand Geographic Archive as it does not have a direct linking/bookmarking tool – however, the links that are generated in the browser are unique and persistent.

Learn more about setting up access using the direct linking tools (PDF 2MB)

Direct linking examples

The following are some examples of how direct links can be used:

Subject guide examples

Topic guide examples

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) titles

Download this spreadsheet for a full title list and direct links to all of the e-book titles currently available in the GVRL EPIC collection.

New Zealand newspapers - direct links

Click on the links below to search the full text issues of New Zealand newspapers that are available in the Australia New Zealand Reference Centre

(Go to: Direct linking instructions for information on how to set up your own direct links to New Zealand newspapers & EPIC content)


 Full-text Coverage

The New Zealand Herald

Dec 2001 - present

The Dominion/Evening Post (Wellington)

Jan 1995 - present

The Press (Christchurch)

Oct 1996 - present

Waikato Times

May 1995 - present

Taranaki Daily News

Aug 1996 - present

Manawatu Standard

Jun 1996 - present

The Nelson Mail

Jun 1997 - present

The Timaru Herald

Jun 1996 -present

The Southland Times

Mar 1997 - present

Sunday Star Times

Dec 1995 - present

The Truth

Aug 1996 - Feb 2007

Bay of Plenty Times

May 2013 - present

Daily Post (Rotorua)

May 2013 - present

Hawkes Bay Today

May 2013 - present

Stratford Press

June 2013 - present

Wairarapa Times Age

June 2013 - present

Wanganui Chronicle

June 2013 - present

Northern Advocate (Whangarei)

May 2013 - present

Popular magazines - direct links

Click on the links below to search full text issues of just some of the popular magazines that are available in the Australia New Zealand Reference Centre.

(Go to: Direct linking instructions for information on how to set up your own direct links to popular magazines & other EPIC content)


Full-text Coverage

Entertainment Weekly

1993 - present

History Today

1975 - present

Metro (NZ)

2002 - present

New Scientist

2002 - present

North & South (NZ)

2003 - present

Popular Science

2002 - present

Rolling Stone

1990 - present

School Library Journal

1974 - present

Scientific American

2005 - present

Sports Illustrated

1992 - present


1990 - present

Time International (Pacific Edition)

1996 - present