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EPIC subscription confirmation deadline - tomorrow! And...what happens next?

3 March 2016

Thank you to all the libraries that have sent through EPIC subscription confirmations for 2016-2017. This is a reminder to those libraries that haven’t returned their confirmations that 5pm tomorrow (Friday 4 March 2016) is the deadline to do so (use this link to access instructions and the downloadable subscription confirmation forms).

Additional EPIC 2016-2017 subscription updates

25 February 2016

I am so sorry to be bombarding you with further information when it is just over a week until the 5pm Friday 4 March EPIC 2016-2017 subscription confirmation deadline (use this link for a full outline of the subscription confirmation process for 2016-2017), but I have a couple of additional late breaking updates:

Some 2016-2017 EPIC subscription updates

19 February 2016

Thanks to all the libraries that have already returned their EPIC subscription confirmations for 2016-2017.

For those of you that are still pondering your options, please don’t panic, there are still 2 whole weeks until the subscription confirmation deadline of 5pm, Friday 4 March.

EPIC subscription pricing options/trial access now available to BWB - The Treaty of Waitangi Collection

27 January 2016

I am excited to let you know that EPIC subscription pricing options (for the new EPIC subscription year – beginning 1 April 2016) and trial access are now available for the brand new (launched today!) Bridget Williams Books – The Treaty of Waitangi Collection.

This information can be accessed via the following sector links using your Members Only logins:

Seeking EPIC subscription confirmations 2016-2017

EPIC is now seeking subscription confirmations for the 2016-2017 EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April 2016).

The deadline for EPIC members to complete and return subscription confirmations for the new subscription year is 5pm, Friday 4 March 2016.

Bridget Williams Books: THE TREATY OF WAITANGI COLLECTION - new to EPIC in 2016

17 December 2015

Before many of you head off on your Christmas/Summer break I want to let you all know about an exciting subscription option that will be available through EPIC in 2016...

The Treaty of Waitangi Collection from award-winning New Zealand publisher Bridget Williams Books.

EPIC 2016-2017 subscription rollout update

19 November 2015

As I mentioned in my previous update, I am in the process of rolling out the EPIC subscription options for 2016-2017. These can be accessed by going to the EPIC website, logging in under Members login with your EPIC member logins (which can be requested by emailing epic@epic.org.nz) and accessing the EPIC subscription option links for your sector.

Rollout of EPIC subscription options for 2016-2017

28 October 2015

This is to let you know that I am in the process of confirming subscription options with the EPIC panel of suppliers for the 2016-2017 EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April 2016).

The options for 2016-2017 will be rolled out through the Members Only section of the EPIC website as they are confirmed. To access the subscription options for your sector:

Gale Cengage access issues

 14 September 2015

I have been receiving reports from libraries that are having issues accessing their Gale Cengage subscription databases. 

I have notified Gale Cengage, however, if you are also experiencing the same issue please notify Gale Cengage directly with a description of the problem so that they are able to ascertain the extent of the problem and provide you with direct feedback about the issue.

The technical support at Gale Cengage is Lynette Lewis lynette.lewis@cengage.com.

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