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Epic regular update

EPIC invoicing & sub-licence renewals

20 April 2015

This is to let you know that I am now in the process of finalising the EPIC invoicing for 2015.

Based on the payments made to overseas suppliers on your behalf, the foreign currency amounts that have been quoted  will be on-charged to you against the following exchange rates:

New EPIC subscription year- what next? / New developments from Gale Cengage

31 March 2015

This is a reminder that as well as being April Fool's Day, tomorrow is the beginning of the new EPIC subscription year. Thank you again for all your support and patience through the subscription confirmation process...this year I have discovered the joys of colour coding and sorting spreadsheets and I have you all to thank for that!

So, what happens next, you ask?

EPIC subscription confirmation deadline Friday 6 March / PressReader Info

2 March 2015

2015-2016 EPIC subscription confirmation deadline 5pm Friday 6 March

This is a reminder to those that haven't already done so that the deadline for returning EPIC subscription confirmations for the 2015-2016 subscription year (beginning 1 April 2015) is this Friday 5pm, 6 March 2015.

Oxford University Press revised EPIC pricing / RDA Toolkit renewal notices

28 January 2015

This is some additional information further to my EPIC Update last week seeking EPIC subscription confirmations for 2015-2016.

Oxford University Press revised EPIC pricing for 2015-2016

Seeking EPIC subscription confirmations 2015-2016

22 January 2015

This is to let you know that EPIC is now seeking subscription confirmations for the 2015-2016 EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April 2015).

Ancestry Library Edition problems

16 January 2015

Apologies to non-Ancestry Library Edition subscribers, please don't read any further.

I have been getting calls in from some libraries that are having issues with Ancestry Library Edition. The issue arises when patrons try to access search results - they get the result for a brief moment and are then re-directed to Ancestry.com.au and a subscription page.

This is to let you know that Ancestry.com are looking into the problem (in fact I have just spent about an hour on the phone with their technician in the US trying to work through it.)

EPIC Holiday Season

19 December 2014

Hi everyone,

Before too many of you head off on your holidays, this is just a quick note to say...

EPIC Subscription options for 2015 continuing to roll out

9 December 2014

As I have been doing a few additions in the last couple of weeks, I thought that I would take this opportunity to remind you that EPIC subscription options for 2015-2016 are continuing to be rolled out via the EPIC website.

I also thought I would take this opportunity to let you know about some of the new options that are available in 2015:

PressDisplay - unlimited user offer

21 November 2014 

As I mentioned in an earlier email ProQuest and PressReader are working on a pricing offer for unlimited user access to Library PressDisplay for EPIC libraries. They are still in the process of confirming pricing for the 2015-2016 EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April 2015) however, they have provided me with tailored pricing for existing subscribers to upgrade their current subscription from 1 December 2014 through to 31 March 2015.

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