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South Island PressDisplay/Ancestry Training - expressions of interest

15 April 2013

As some of you may remember Clare Bristow (the training specialist from ProQuest) did a tour of the North Island in February providing training on PressDisplay and Ancestry Library Edition. She had hoped to do a full New Zealand tour at that time, but we were so inundated with expressions of interest for training that she decided that she would come back and do the South Island separately in June. 

Gale Cengage outage resolved

3 April 2013

The Gale Cengage databases are up and running again. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this outage.

Paula Banks

EPIC Manager

ph 04 474 3058

Gale Cengage outage

3 April 2013

Gale Cengage would like to urgently advise all of their subscribers that they are currently experiencing a global service outage. They are working on a solution and hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

Paula Banks

EPIC Manager

ph (04) 474 3058

Welcome to the new EPIC subscription year

2 April 2013

This is a reminder that while you were all polishing off your Easter Eggs  that the new EPIC subscription year began yesterday - 1 April.

If your library has made changes or cancellations to your EPIC subscription, please make sure that you have made the necessary changes to your access points/portals/websites to reflect these changes and avoid confusion for your end users.

Re-subscription reminder

14 March 2013

First of all, a big thank you to all the folk that have already returned their EPIC subscription renewals for 2013-14!

This is just a wee reminder for those that haven't done so yet, that the deadline for returning your subscription renewals for the new EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April) is next Friday 22 March.

EPIC Re-subscription 2013-2014

26 February 2013

It is that time of the year again. Later in the week, each EPIC member library will be receiving renewal letters seeking your continued commitment to this extraordinary multi-sector collaboration of New Zealand libraries for the 2013-2014 EPIC subscription year (beginning 1 April, 2013).

Itinerary for PressDisplay / Ancestry Training

1 February 2013

Clare Bristow from ProQuest would like me to let you know that she has finalised her itinerary for PressDisplay / Ancestry Training for the week beginning 25 February.

We were so inundated with expressions of interest that she has decided to focus on the North Island for this trip and come back and do the South Island in a separate trip later in the year.

Additions to the New Zealand Index plus marketing links

22 January 2013

I have just received the following exciting news from our Customer Relations rep at The Knowledge Basket Jo Hunt...


There have been some significant data additions to the New Zealand Index collections over the past few days.

Happy New Year & PressDisplay/Ancestry training offer reminder

16 January 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that those of you that had a break had a good one and that it wasn't too much of a struggle for those troopers out there that worked through the Xmas/New Year period. (In particular - a big shout out to the lovely Paula Urlich who I spied doing a fabulous job on the issues desk at Whangarei Central Library when I popped in there with my mum on a Saturday morning while on holiday!).

PressDisplay / Ancestry training in Feb - expressions of interest

20 December 2012

1st of all, apologies to all of you who thought that my Xmas message from yesterday would mean that you wouldn't hear from me for the rest of the year...but, hopefully, this should be the last one and it is for a good cause!

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