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American Library Association (ALA)

ALA Database available through EPIC:

  • RDA Toolkit 

The RDA Toolkit provides a one-stop resource for evaluating and implementing RDA, and is the most effective way to interact with the new standard

RDA Toolkit Highlights:

  • RDA instructions that are searchable and browseable
  • AACR@ Rule Number Search of RDA instructions
  • Workflows, mapping, examples: tools to customise the RDA instruction set to support organisational training and processes
  • Two views of RDA content - by table of contents and by RDA element set view
  • What you need to evaluate and implement RDA; to make cataloguing decisions based on principles; to increase efficiency; to facilitate collaboration; and to help position the community for the future by making bibliographic data accessible on the Web
  • Full text of AACR2 with links to RDA
  • LCPS (Library of Congress Policy Statements)

More about the RDA Toolkit on the RDA Toolkit website

Access the RDA Toolkit

To set up a new subscription, complete the RDA Toolkit subscription account form and email it to epic@epic.org.nz indicating the number of concurrent users your library requires.

RDA Toolkit subscription options available through EPIC:

To access the subscription pricing options from these links you will require a Members Only login. If you are an employee responsible for e-resource purchasing of a New Zealand library you can request a login by emailing epic@epic.org.nz

RDA Toolkit online support links

Page last updated: 28 February 2014