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How to find the featured resource

How to find the resource featured on the EPIC homepage.

The current item is an essay about Tewanee Joseph in Biography Resource Center. The essay is fully fact checked and lists references to six periodical sources and twenty-five online sources.

Tewanee Joseph and his Four Host First Nations Society ensured that Canada's Aboriginal people played an important role in planning the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Olympic Games.

Joseph is half Squamish (Canadian First Nations Band) and half New Zealand Māori and, at the age of 21, became the youngest member ever elected to the Squamish band council.

How to find this resource

You will need to have access to the Biography Resource Center database to find and view the article.

From the Biography Resource Center home screen, just enter Tewanee Joseph in the Search by name field, and leave the Name contains radio button selected. Then click Search.

How we found the article

We were looking for something which reflected New Zealander's interests and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver seemed to be a popular search topic.

From the Advanced search screen:

  • Enter vancouver, 2010 and zealand in each of the three search term boxes
  • Leave the boolean option as AND
  • Select the Full text option as the field to search on for each term.

Page last updated: 24 February 2010.