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Planning skills training

Plan, develop, source and evaluate the training needs of your library’s staff.

Providing staff with the confidence and core skills to use EPIC products is necessary to get full value from your subscription.

This section provides pointers to ensure your training is effective in terms of time and money invested.

1. Assess your training needs

Use informal surveys to find out what staff already know about databases. Then determine what skills staff need to learn.

There may be different training needs within your library. For example, some service staff may only need a basic understanding of the various databases to tell patrons where to find them. Other staff may require further training so they can teach customers how to get the most out of your EPIC resources.

2. Develop a training plan

Determine what kind of training is required to address the identified skill gaps for each individual and/or groups. Summarise who should receive specific forms of training and when. Add notes about issues like rosters and funding that may impact on delivering training and how you might work around them. This is your training plan.

3. Source training

Weigh up options available to provide training; what will work best for the library and staff?

Develop criteria for assessing whether training meets best practice and is likely to be effective, then evaluate the available sources of training.

4. Evaluate what’s been done

Review with staff what is working, what needs to be changed, and then plan for the next round.

For more information on planning skills training see Resources for trainers and the E-Resources Toolkit.

Page last updated: 24 February 2010.