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Resources for trainers

Resources to help library trainers/coaches in training sessions with staff or users.

EPIC Training Resources

EPIC has developed a series of modules that library trainers/coaches can draw on provide sessions to staff or users. Each module provides:

  1. Objectives and a few indicative questions to assess whether participants need this training
  2. A model script for the session. We expect that trainers will adapt the script to local interests and needs, at minimum develop their own scenarios and search examples.
  3. A text summary of the concepts covered in the session. Use them as post-session handouts and/or to consolidate learning through participants working through the content while online. These can also edited to provide your own context.

How to Use the Training Resources

While the content includes substantial coverage of EPIC resources the focus is not on product specific training – vendor resources provide for this. These modules aim to build skills applicable to a range of online resources, including EPIC. The key aim is to give trainees sufficient confidence and enthusiasm to build their own skills through use of e-resources.

Training others to use EPIC

Training for Online Skills: Aims & Checklists, Word Document (116KB)
Training for Online Skills: Aims & Checklists, PDF (127KB)

EPIC Training Approach, Word Document (51KB)
EPIC Training Approach, PDF (83KB)

Base Skills & Understandings

Getting to Know the Online World (14 pp), Word Document (131KB)
Getting to Know the Online World (14 pp), PDF (156KB)
Develop basic familiarity with web and EPIC resources and build confidence to make use of these resources.

Web Basics (18 pp), Word Document (2.8MB)
Web Basics (18 pp), PDF (648KB)
Understand the functions of a web browser, navigation, web addresses and the ‘hidden’ web. A ‘plus’ section covers base skills to use web resources more efficiently and effectively.

Evaluating Online Content (6 pp), Word Document, (148KB)
Evaluating Online Content (6 pp), PDF (134KB)
Evaluate the quality of information on websites or in databases. Develop an awareness of wider issues influencing perceptions of quality of information on the web.

Search Skills

Topic Analysis & Mapping (6 pp), Word Document (126KB)
Topic Analysis & Mapping (6 pp), PDF (91KB)
Develop more effective search habits by analysing topic concepts and generating good search terms.

Searching the web (11 pp), Word Document (160KB)
Searching the web (11 pp), PDF (142KB)
Develop effective approaches to searching for web information using Google and other directories.

Searching Databases (13 pp), Word Document (124KB)
Searching Databases (13 pp), PDF (155KB)
Develop confidence and competence in building functional search statements and good search strategies for EPIC products.

Which Online Resource? (7 pp), Word Document (140KB)
Which Online Resource? (7 pp), PDF (96KB)
Understand which EPIC products are more relevant for specific information needs.

This material is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial (BY-NC) New Zealand Licence
This license means you can use and adapt these resources for your own use. Any new resources you create must acknowledge EPIC and must be non-commercial. You do not have to re-license your new works on the same terms.

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